Reggae Lovers Army

Verse 1 :
You know my taste for the travel
For the music and fro meeting people
Let me tell a story (like told my uncle) it was incredible
It blew my mind so me tell ya

Me go to Australia meeting The 4 20
I saw Oren Selecta, Cyp and Baptist
Reggae music is alive in Byron Bay city
Monday night come let s go to the party

We got to this historical place, The Beach hotel
The night is identified , Reggae nights fi dem
Massive and crew keep it alive, blessed and brave
Huge sound system set up for the reggae dub wave

There i met Tk, rosie ,lolo and jake savona
Kig Krazy , raz, Bonam and Sara
We play altogether in the Boom Faya
big up Dj nutzo another one for SARA

Chorus :
reggae music got a lovers army
We move like a clan and we smoke de sensi
Nobody can turn off this reality
cause we sing hope and love for the humanity
(Give thanks and praise for the almighty)

Verse 2 :

Tonight, the level double
Then i see tingz from another angle
Left right i see my people
i push myself on a higher level

the speaker sizzle in da place, the crowd jump inna di dance
i see only smiles on faces And the energy is nice
i let den know the gig is proper , every actor skiller
4 20 sound, international soundkiller

Ova di years , Oren selecta take ova!
he rule the reggae mondays and the crowd come ova
game ova 4 20 sound is the lawyer
make everyone play in Byron dem standing together

Structure :
Reggae lovers army
theme cuivre
break sur le 1 – couplet 2
coupure basse
ambiance instru
Couplet 3 Ova di years – riddim
theme dub cuivres
refrain adapté
fin levé theme cuivre

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