Dougy is born the 27th of June 1990 in Bordeaux France. He is a reggae / ragamuffin singer playing as well in Sound Systems acoustic or with a band.

He started his musical adventure in Australia. He was basically playing music for himself in the streets but he soon  saw himself invited on the stage. He start up with SATIVA SOUND (FR) and join this crew  for about 15 gigs including an opening act for Gappy Ranks in December 2012. He keeps Mcing with different sounds: LITTLE LION SOUND (Switzerland) OREN SELECTA (Israel) and many local Djs.

In April 2013 he created his own Reggae nights: The BOOM FAYA NIGHTS

He also created the BOOM FAYA CREW with BAPTIST a heavy french toaster, OREN SELECTA himself. He promotes well his events its musical quality push the  BOOM FAYA NIGHTS up to the rank of best reggae nights in town a month later. They burn stages over 60 events organised in 4 different venues and become the main event in town with a big following. He  meets MISTA SAVONA (No1 Reggae Producer in Australia) and gets him onto his events and also occasionally play with him in concerts or festivals.

Till May 2014, he play’s about 100 gigs in a year and a half and gets in big festivals (RAINBOW SERPENT, FALLS FESTIVAL, EARTH FREQUENCY) NIMBIN ROOTS..). He opens for artists like SOOM T, BABYLON CIRCUS, DUB FX, CORNERSTONE ROOTS, J BOOG, MISTA SAVONA, TOM FRAGER, DUB TERMINATOR.

During all this time, he shortly came back to France for two month in the summer of 2013 where he is invited for the open acts by the french ragamuffin singer PAPASTYLE on 8 concerts. He’ll play 10 more gigs including the kids show festival and the Reggae Sun Ska beach tour alongside YANNIS ODUA, NATTY JEAN AND THE REZIDENT.
in january 2014 he released a  seven song demo (Overseas Revelation) Recorded in different studios in Byron Bay and Melbourne with the collaboration of OREN SELECTA,SYSTEM UNKNOWN from Melbourne, BIGRAS PROD in france, a featuring with ISENS (FR) and a colombian rapper MC GATO.

In June 2014 he is back from Australia to step further in the French scene. He starts by playing with his australian friends in France inviting the SEA GYPSIES and  SARITAH to play with him in reggae night he organised. And he got invited by MISTA SANOVA to MC for him in the Reggae Sun Ska in 2015.

He also decide to make music his life and to release his 1st Professional project, his main project for the next year. To release his 1st EP BOOM FAYA, he collaborated with a Japanese producer “SMILY SHIT PROD” and BIGRAS PROD and ROTHNIJ SLIMME from France. he added a tune with new band the PEACE DEFENDAZ. But the main collaboration is the tune BOOM  FAYA recored  on the soundclash riddim of Mista Sanova.

In October 2014 he intergated a professional music school in  Bordeaux: Le Ciam.

His wish is to create a backing band there and quickly meet some talented musicians, so THE PEACE DEFENDAZ is born. They play Dougy’s new EP added to new creations. This band is made for big stages and festivals, they quickly performed in 5 festivals, winning a festival competition and openings for SENSIMILIA and YANNIS ODUA .
At this time his wish to play in a band was so strong that he also joined another band. The SOULSHINERS with the singer PIERROOTS. This bands becomes one of he most active reggae bands in Bordeaux and opens for JOHNNY CLARKE, JAH9, I WOKS, THE BANYANS in 2015 and  make a tour in Morocco and Spain.

Alongside, Dougy is playing as a MC in sound system and he challenges himself in a Loop Project where he uses guitar and his voice and rearranges  his tunes, added to a few tributes to BOB or MATHEW MC ANUFF.

He releases his 1st professional EP with a clip named BOOM FAYA in July 2015.
After this, he will play play overseas a lot with his band or solo in 2016. He made 3 trips  in  Holland(Kitterboard Open Festival) LoungeFest, HOF Festival) 4 trips in Switzerland and the consecration in Spain with the ROTOTOM FESTIVAL in 2016 with SOULSHINERS.
The band  PEACE DEFENDAZ is dislocked mid 2016 by common decision of the members.
At the end of the year he goes for three months in Australia with  his Australian crew now called 4 20 SOUND, still alongside with OREN SELECTA and BAPTIST. He plays 17 gigs there with artists like RADIKAL GURU, TARRUS RILEY, ED SOLO. And then passes by New Caledonia for 4 gigs in 4 different places in the island and meets MARCUS GAD sharing the stage and some lifetime with him.

Back In France in March 2014, he straightly goes for a winter tour in Alpes with LITTLE LION SOUND (Switzerland).

He quits SOULSHINERS in April to create a new project around his own music as a lead singer, keeps 3 musicians from the band, adds a guitarist and builds a new backing band The BACKWASH BAND.

Him and his music crew in maturity, develop now a more rich sound ready to reach a bigger crowd.

He does a summer tour testing the band, getting contacts and organising his  projects for future, seeking for booking agents and managers.
This tour brings him to Switzerland with LITTLE LION SOUND and to few festivals. He also got the surprise to be contacted once again by MISTA SAVONA for a tour in France with MARDJENAL magically ending on the rebel stage of The Reggae Sun Ska 2017 in August.

His Projects at the moment are
A Pacific Tour in Australia and new Caledonia 10/11 to 16/02
A winter Tour – Beginning of March
A Greek Tour





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